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Regent Construction Co. offers comprehensive office space solutions, specializing in floor repair, electrical work, and drywall restoration to revitalize and enhance your work environment.

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Regent Construction Co., serving Tigard, OR, as well as the Portland Metro and SW Washington areas, recognizes the substantial inconvenience caused by damaged floors in office spaces, which impact both aesthetics and utility. We provide specialized floor repair services that not only rejuvenate your space but also eliminate the inconvenience and stress associated with damaged flooring. Trust us to restore your office to its pristine condition, ensuring satisfaction upon project completion.

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Our service extends beyond just floor repairs. We expertly handle electrical outlet installation, ensuring your office meets all your power needs efficiently. Additionally, our drywall repair services address any wall damages, giving your office a smooth, polished finish. These comprehensive solutions contribute to a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace, perfectly tailored to your requirements.

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Elevate your office in Tigard, OR, and across the Portland Metro and SW Washington area with Regent Construction Co. We specialize in floor repair, offering a range of services including electrical outlet wiring and floor replacement. Our approach guarantees not just a fix, but a complete enhancement of your workspace, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision for a modern, efficient office.

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Regent Construction offers comprehensive remodeling solutions. Enhance your office with our specialized services, ensuring a modern, efficient workspace.