Who We Are

Welcome to Regent Construction Co., LLC, where our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation redefines spaces in Tigard, OR, and beyond. At the helm is David Franke, a seasoned professional with 24 years in the construction industry. His leadership embodies our ethos, prioritizing excellence, client satisfaction, and a keen alignment with our client’s aspirations and values. David’s hands-on approach and extensive knowledge ensure that every project, from inception to completion, is managed with unparalleled expertise and attention to detail.

Educated at George Fox University with a Bachelor of Science degree, David’s professional journey is underpinned by a deep commitment to the industry, evidenced by his active involvement in the Southwest Contractors Association. His engagement extends into community service, where he plays a vital role on the security team at his synagogue, reflecting his dedication to community welfare and safety.

Away from construction sites, David’s passion for basketball shines, whether he’s playing at the local gym or rooting for his children on the court. His diverse interests and community involvement enrich his professional persona, making him a distinguished figurehead for Regent Construction Co., LLC.

Our mission resonates through every project: to deliver unmatched quality in construction, ensuring safety, punctuality, and budget adherence, leveraging the latest in technology and sustainable practices. Our goal is to forge enduring relationships with our clients, standing as their trusted construction partner, committed to innovation, continuous improvement, and making a lasting positive impact in the communities we serve.

At Regent Construction, we specialize in transforming environments, from residential homes that mirror the unique lifestyles of their inhabitants to commercial spaces that blend functionality with style, ensuring they are as inviting as they are efficient. Our dedication to detail, quality, and client satisfaction remains our guiding star, as we continue to elevate standards in the construction and remodeling domain.

We invite you to explore the Regent Construction Co. difference, where your vision is our mission, and every project is a step towards redefining excellence in construction.

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